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Monte Verità is located in the south and Italian speaking part of Switzerland. It is set amidst the hills overlooking the town of Ascona and Lake Maggiore. The Conference center is situated in a quiet and beautiful historical park and is operated by the Centro Stefano Franscini (ETHZ).

Accomodation and Costs

Participants will be accommodated at the CSF. Room prices range between 120 and 210 Swiss Francs per night (ca 80 to 120 EUR, 110 to 190 USD); Costs for board are 100 Swiss Francs/day (ca 65 EUR/day, 90 USD/day) which covers the day's meals and coffee breaks. There is no symposium fee; Instead, the event is sponsored by the University of Basel and the Autonomic Network Architecture project. Hotel booking will open early February.

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Travel by plane (and train): We recommend to fly to the nearby international airports Zürich Kloten or Milano Malpensa and go from there to Locarno by train or coach.

Train from Zürich (about 3 hours): Trains leave Zurich Airport for Zurich Main Station (Hauptbahnhof, 10 min) several times every hour from the train station just beneath the main airport building. Follow the signs "Bahn/railway" as soon as you leave the pick up baggage area. The ticket machines in the station have instruction in English, credit cards accepted. Take a train ticket to Locarno.
At Zurich Main Station change to a train to Bellinzona (about 2.5h, query the SBB time-table).
In Bellinzona change to a local train to Locarno (20 min). From Locarno, take a bus (line 31 leaving in front of the railway station going to "Ascona Posta" and walk for 15-20 minutes), or take a taxi (about 7km, 30CHF) directly to Monte Verità.

Coach from Milan (about 2 hours): There is a shuttle bus connecting Milano Malpensa airport (both from Terminal 1 and 2) to Bellinzona (2 h.).
Time schedule
Reservation is MANDATORY and can be done online or by phone +41 91 858 23 26. From Bellinzona: see above (Zurich section).

By car from the North: Follow the freeway to Gotthard-Italy until the exit "Bellinzona-Sud". Take the road to Locarno which goes first along and then across the Magadino plain and then into a tunnel to bypass Locarno. Do not take the Locarno exit at the end of this tunnel, but stay in the left lane and follow the signs to Ascona.

After crossing the river, take the Ascona exit, cross the roundabout and the intersection that follows it and drive along the main road towards the old town of Ascona . When you cannot continue straight because you arrive at the pedestrian zone, take a sharp right up the hill and follow this winding road all the way up to Monte Verità (there are occasional white signs "Centro Monte Verità").

Shortly after passing the Hotel Michelangelo on your left, you will see a number of round black signs announcing the conference center and, on your right, a red house. Take the cobblestone road between the two and follow it all the way up the hill. There are parking lots just before you come to the main white building or just after you pass it.

Check an online route map for your individual journey.

By car from the South: Join the freeway Chiasso-Lugano-Gotthard until you come to the exit "Rivera" (next exit after "Lugano Nord"). Take the very scenic local road down to the Magadino plain (Cadenazzo) and turn left onto the road to Locarno. This takes you across the Magadino plain and into a tunnel to bypass Locarno. Then follow the directions given above for the approach from the north.